S_no. Name of Session Date of Session Mock_Test Date Description
1 DB2 9   SESSION I 15th-20th Feb 2010 4th March 2010 There were 4 batches in this session. 122 students and 10 staff members of different branches like CSE, IT, ECE and EE of JECRC and UDML cleared the test and were certified by IBM. The result was 95.31%.
2 RAD   SESSION I 10th-13th April 2010 30th April 2010 72 students were certified. The success rate turned out to be highest % in the region. IBM congratulated JECRC for this remarkable achievement.
3 RFT 17th-20th June 2010 60 students were certified. Some of the students secured 100% score in RFT mock test.
4 RAD   SESSION II 6th-9th Jan 2011 18th Jan 2011 65 students were certified out of a batch of 67 students.
5 DB2 9.7   SESSION I 12th-15th Jan 2011 3rd-4th Feb 2011


  • DB2:The new DB2 Academic Associate certification is an entry level DBA.......                                  
  • RAD:Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V6.0.......                                                  
  • RFT:IBM Rational Functional Tester is a tool to develop robust automated tests.......