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SDO Cell

Mr. Pranshu Sharma
Student Development Officer
M.B.A- Operation & Marketing

Ms. Mohak Khanduja
Graphic Designer
BFA Applied Arts



We believe in the holistic grooming of our students and therefore we stress equal emphasis on extracurricular activities and that’s where we come into picture. Every year, students and we will work closely to achieve excellence outside classroom. But how do we do that? Well, it requires a year long engagement year after year to ensure the quality of events, seminars and student activities conducted at JECRC.

We also keep students engaged round the year by organizing various seminars and interactive sessions for them conducted by the who’s who from all walks of life. Opportunities that you will never get anywhere else. We try to bring experts from not just engineering background but people who have made a name for themselves in whatever they did hoping that they would not just inspire but will also give you a perspective on life.

Our Clubs:

·The dramatics club named “Faces and Footlights”.

·Our very own bhangra crew called “Khalas”.

·The group for contemporary dance forms called “Enigma”.

·“Xananoids” -The Robotics Club.

·“Moonriders” - The automobile Club.

·The creative arts club – “Atrangi”.

·“J-SID” Self-Innovative developers Club

These activities are not meant just for fun and frolic. They are in fact catalysts that develop qualities like leadership, team work, time management and stress handling in our students from the very beginning. One of the many reasons why our students have done wonderfully well year after year in their campus placements is that they are not just sound technically but are also ready to face the challenges of the world brimming with confidence.


Departmental SDO’s


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Name of SDO

Team Members


Mr. Lalit Kumar Sharma

Aman Tinker

Ankur Agarwal

Ashwani Singh

Ishan Panchal

Mohit Soni

Naman Gupta

Nitesh Harit

Piyush Shrimali

Rahul Singh

Ravi Sharma

Rohit Tinker

Shoel Mansoori

Vaibhav Boyal

Venktesh Parashar

Yugant Garg


Ms. Geerija Lavania

Rishabh jain


Riddi jain


Dhruv Bansal

Rohit Vijay


Mr. Ashutosh Sharma

Aman sharma

Jai Lakhiani

Priti Kumari

Shubham Khandelwal

Aditya Aggarwal

Jagriti Arora

Tripti Khurana

Mohit Jain

Jyotika Jain

Shilpi Pandey


Aman Aditya

Naman Kankariya


Ms.Nida Khanam

Mahesh Kumar Merotha

Gaurav Mishra

Kamlesh Choudhary

Rajveer Singh

Mohit Kumar

Nihal Soni

Mayank Khatri

Lokendra Meena

Tanishq Saugat

Antima Agrawal

Manaswee Verma


Vaibhav Jain


Ms. Preeti Sharma

Ms. Diksha Kr. Latha

Mr. Mohit Shah

Ms. Yashvi

Mr. Anmol Batra


Mr. Vishal Sharma







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