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Collapse Criteria-1Criteria-1
1.1.2 Academic calendar.pdf
1.1.3 BOS prescribed data.pdf
1.1.3-BOS Data.pdf
1.2.1 CBCS-Guidelines.pdf Institutional prescribed CBCS data.xls Syllabus.pdf CBCS guidelines.pdf
1.2.2 Additional Data.pdf Institutional data of Add-on.xlsx
1.2.3 Additional Information.pdf
1.2.3_Additional information.pdf
1.3.1 Courses.xlsx
1.3.2 Institutional Internship data.xlsx
1.3.3-Institutional data.xlsx
Collapse Criteria-3Criteria-3
3.1.1 Additional Research Grant(2021-22).pdf
3.1.1 E-copies Research Grant(2021-22).pdf
3.1.1 Research Grant(2021-22).pdf
3.2.1 Additional UGC Publications(2021-22).pdf
3.2.1 UGC Publications(2021-22).pdf
3.2.2 Book Chapters Conference Proceedings(2021-22).pdf
Collapse Criteria-4Criteria-4
4.1.3 Additional Information.pdf
4.1.4 Additional Information.pdf
4.1.4 Expenditure for infrastructure augmentation.xlsx
4.1.4 Infrastructure Audited Statement.pdf
4.2.1 Library ILMS Bills.pdf
4.2.2 Additional Information.pdf
4.2.2-4.2.3 Subscription of e-resources.xlsx
4.2.3 Additional Information.pdf
4.2.3 Library Audited Statement.pdf
4.2.4 Book issue and return Details.pdf
4.2.4 Details of Library Usage by teachers and students.pdf
4.3.2 Computer purchase bills.pdf
4.3.2 Student Computer Ratio.pdf
4.3.3 Details of Bandwidth internet connection.pdf
4.4.1 Additional Information.pdf
4.4.1 Audited Statement of Maintenance.pdf
4.4.1 Expenditure of maintenance of infrastructure.xlsx
Collapse Criteria-5Criteria-5
5.2.1 Additional Information.pdf
5.2.1 Self attested list of students placed.pdf
5.2.2 Additional Information.pdf
5.2.2 Details of student progression to higher education.pdf
5.2.2 Supporting Documents.pdf
5.2.3 Additional Information.pdf
5.2.3 Supporting Documents.pdf
Collapse Criteria-6Criteria-6
6.1.1 The governance of the institution is reflective of and in tune with the vision and mission of the institution.pdf
6.1.2 Organogram-2021-22.pdf
6.2.1- MOU.pdf
6.2.3 Addditional information.pdf
6.2.3 Screen shots of user interface.pdf
6.2.3-ERP DOCUMENT.pdf
Award of QIV for session 2021-22.pdf
NBA Letter.pdf
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