Learn, Code, Contribute, Collaborate.

Codedocs is open source student coding community of JECRC, completely managed and operated by students thriving to bring change.

Throughout the year, students organise courses (Android, Web, Data Science etc) , events, workshops, competitions, contests etc in different domains.

CodeDocs transform students to industry experts through skills, practical programming, and working in teams. Students work together, network and learn, and solve some real challenges.

CodeDocs major initiatives:

  • Courses in trending skills.
  • Workshops and sessions on latest developer tools.
  • Working collaboratively on Open Source projects.
  • Coding Contests and Hackathons.
  • Informative sessions on various opportunities like Google Summer of Code.
  • Peer to Peer interaction, learning and talent showcase through "Open Spaces".

With CodeDocs, students of JECRC work together and enhance their skills to become better Software developers while enjoying to Code ?? ??.

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