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Our Legacy

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Our Legacy
A pioneer in higher learning in the state of Rajasthan, the JECRC foundation is redefining the academic space with research oriented education that puts excellence above anything else. JECRC foundation through national society for engineering and research development is contributing significantly, since decades at the national stage with 12000 students and 2500 residential inmates. In addition to graduate and post graduate programs the units of the foundation is transformed into research stations with a very strong research based programs contributing research articles in international journals and filing patents.
It has got very strong corporate connect resulting into over 90% of students getting placed every year. Scores of funded projects are undertaken worth crores of rupees every year. There are several center of excellences and research centers such as makers club with 3d printers, CNC machines with cad cam software, cadence or cad software, tanner tools, SPSS software and so on.
There is a very strong entrepreneurship development and incubation center resulting into big number of entrepreneurs and startups.
Almost all the students get the chance for national/international internship training for six months during their studies.
The course curriculum of the university is updated six monthly through board of studies with academic excellence and industry experts. With a strong base sports and games, students compete and win national/international awards.
Through numerous clubs of the foundation uplifts the technical skills, cultural activities and social responsibilities of every individual student.
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